Paul Buckley:

This project had nothing to do with my regular gig at PRH. The amazing DAW publisher Betsy Wollheim just showed up one day and asked if I might want to work on this book. I jumped at the opportunity but requested that I not be paid for my efforts as I wanted to see if I could get somewhere even slightly new in this genre, which seemed more rewarding than the pay for one book cover—my thinking was if I accepted payment, I might be overly tied to what others wanted of me and not get to new ground—BTW, do not follow this advice, always get paid. I knew I wanted Sam as the illustrator, and that I would do my own hand-lettering for the title type. It was originally conceived as a trifold cover that opened into a large size poster...I’m still not sure why that got crushed but we were allowed to print posters, which was super fun. I’m not saying that we reinvented the wheel here, but I do feel good about giving the author a very different and more subtle look for this edition.

  • Illustration
  • Sam Weber
  • Art direction, Design & Typography
  • Paul Buckley
  • Special Thanks
  • Nayon Cho
  • Endpaper Lettering
  • John Stevens
  • Video by @papercrake
    Interior Art by @dandossantos_art