Paul Buckley:

Penguin has possibly the most robust backlist of any publisher—it is the backbone of who we are, the perpetual jewels in our crown. The Beats, especially Jack Kerouac, are perennial huge sellers and a group of books that we are tremendously proud to be associated with. Having been here as long as I have, I have probably packaged On The Road a half dozen times, definately more than any other book during my career. I suppose that I am lucky that it remains one of my favorite books. For this series I hired the wonderful Vivienne Flesher to do the art, and was a bit surprised when she handed in B&W charcoals as finishes... they were beautiful, but when designing with them, I felt the books needed some color to give a needed energy; so I asked her if she would mind me adding digital color to them, and she quickly said sure, knock yourself out. I of course ran them by her, but she is so relaxed and so easy to collaborate with, that it was always a quick “fabulous!”.

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