Paul Buckley:

Penguin paperbacks have always been where I have wanted to focus most of my design energy—so much so that I have given up hard cover imprints to Art Directors under my umbrella so that I can keep my focus on these titles, and to keep working with this amazing group of Penguin colleagues. Books like these DeLillo‚Äôs are what I want to work on. I met photographer Jason Fulford when we were both early in our careers and he came in to meet my group. Everyone just fell immediately in love with his talent, his easy going nature and his unique way of seeing the corners of things, parts of rooms and exteriors you might not find intriguing unless seeing it through eyes like his. This is also what Don DeLillo does—he shines a light on bits of America that you might not look too closely at. It is all a quiet tension, a low hum of street wires that make it impossible to fully relax and trust that all will be okay.

  • Design
  • Paul Buckley
  • Photography
  • Jason Fulford, Jeff Brouws, Tom Zimberoff, Hughes Colson & John Vachon